UPDATE: Mineola teacher arrested

UPDATE: Mineola teacher arrested

POSTED: Friday, December 17, 2010 - 11:24am

UPDATED: Friday, March 18, 2011 - 9:30am

Teacher has alleged relationship with student

MINEOLA, TX --- A Mineola teacher accused of having an improper relationship with a student has resigned.

In a statement released by Mineola I.S.D Superintendent Mary Lookadoo says JoAnn Stephens has resigned and is no longer employeed by the district.

According to the district's website Stephens was a Physical Education teacher at the elementary and middle school.


MINEOLA, TX --- A Mineola teacher is arrested after allegedly having a relationship with a student.

According to our news partner The Longview News-Journal 43 year old JoAnn Stephens was arrested Thursday afternoon after a four month investigation into the alleged relationship.

Mineola police say they started the investigation after receiving a complaint from Child Protective Services on August 4.

The alleged relationship was between Stephens and a male student who has since graduated.

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She was my teacher. Her daughter is one of my friends in the gradekk above of me and they are good people. She made a mistake

Regardless of who called, I don't think the caller put the lady's DNA in the students vehicle. I mean come on now, good people make mistakes all the time. I have heard that she had inappropriate relations at the school she came from years ago. I guess the school board member cooked that up as well... People need to stop worrying about the accused and her family and start wondering why they aren't worried about protecting those KIDS!!!

CPS has been contacted several times they do not have a case number, this was not brought to light by the CPS. There was an anonymous phone call made to the Mineola Police Dept. by a man saying that he had heard a rumor that A student had been having an affair with a teacher since he was a freshman. Thats how all this began. It has been rumored that the phone call was made by a school board member. The student and the teacher have both denied these allegations, repeatedly.

I am a M.H.S. student and I know Montana personally. He has stated from the very beginning that all these are just vicious rumors with a political agenda behind them from a few school board members and joyce box. It seems from reading all your jabs at the administration then there may be some truth to this.

This is not what I expected of this person but if you would look closely into Mineola ISD you will find more disturbing incidents yet ADMINISTRATION covers them up. Start digging and see what you find...

I just don't understand how they say this was reported by cps in Aug when the "student" isn't a minor! Seems to me by law regardless of what evidence is found he is still the only one who can peruse charges against her now regardless of how old he was he is now an adult and no one can file charges on an adults behalf!

Oh yes indeed they can! Some things are against the LAW! The law (our government) can stand up and defend our laws. I knew a young woman many years ago who broke up with her abusive boyfriend. The ex boyfriend went into Kmart where she worked in the deli. He stabbed her in the gut. She wasn't going to press charges. It doesn't matter! The state of Texas did! It is against the laws of our state to stab people, or have sex with minors.


he wasnt the only student she has messed with... there has been plenty others since then. sounds like the police havent done enough investigation. the students that she has recently messed with and i do mean... BEEN IN BED with are currently in high school. one of them a junior and the others seniors

If you have knowledge of this, why don't you report it to the police.

Better yet, if you have knowledge of this case, why didn't you report it before she had the opportunity to "mess" with more students?

if yall believe its so true then why dont you release the students name???????

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