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Update on Fires in Gregg County September 7

Update on Fires in Gregg County September 7

POSTED: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 4:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 1:17am

Fire danger continues to exist for the Longview and Gregg County area. City and County Officials are continuing to monitor the situation and are encouraging citizens to be aware of fire safety precautions. Below is an update of the situation in the Gregg County area.


Longview and Gregg County emergency responders have been working two fires in the western portion of Gregg County.

The Merrill’s Lake Fire, located south of the city of White Oak near Merrill’s Lake Road, is considered to be 100% contained. The fire is estimated to have covered approximately 1,200 – 1,500 acres. Plow lines have been constructed. Fire personnel continue to monitor the situation. There are no active evacuations for the Merrill’s Lake Fire.

The Moore Fire is considered partially contained with approximately 1,700 acres burned. The Moore Fire is located south of the city of Gladewater near Lincoln Spring Road, Old Gladewater Road, Swamp City Road, and Cole Bottom. During the last operational period, there were no structure loss or fatalities; however there was the loss of an automobile belonging to a resident. Evacuations are still active for the Swamp City Road area and the Cole Bottom area. Before the evacuation can be lifted, officials will be evaluating impact on infrastructure such as electricity and oil and gas lines in the area. Evacuations were also initiated today for Meridian Street, Omaha Street, and Spokane Street, all located south of Gladewater.

Smoke and Air Quality:

The East Texas area continues to be blanketed by smoke from area fires. The smoke tends to settle in the morning and evening. The majority of the smoke seen over the Gregg County area is seen from fires occurring in counties to the north.

With all the smoke and other particles in the air, people with a history of respiratory symptoms are cautioned to stay indoors.

In addition, officials encourage residents to refrain from calling 9-1-1 about general smoke in the air unless the resident sees a column of smoke or sees the fire that is the source of the smoke.

Donations and volunteers:

Generous citizens have provided many donations including more than 1,000 cases of water, hundreds of bottles of sports drinks, and many non-perishable food items. The donations have been distributed to area emergency responders.

No items are being requested at this time; however, to inquire about making donations to support public safety personnel, please call 903-237-1379. To inquire about donations for fire victims, please call the local Red Cross at 903-753-2091.

No volunteers are needed at this time except for qualified firefighters.


Reminder of Fire Safety Tips:

With all the smoke and other particles in the air, people with a history of respiratory symptoms are cautioned to stay indoors.

If there are extreme smoke conditions, please do not proceed down the streets.

Have an exit strategy from your home, business, and neighborhood to multiple points of exit.

Do not wait for someone to tell you to evacuate. Be watchful and evacuate if the fire danger is nearby.

For your own safety, if you don’t live near the fires, please stay away from the area around the fires.

Avoid activities that can create a spark. Examples include burning of any kind, outdoor cooking or grilling, improper disposal of cigarettes, industrial activities such as welding or other construction, or use of any older equipment without spark arrestors.

For additional fire safety tips, please visit

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We would like to THANK all of the rescue workers, fire fighters, policemen, helicopter pilot, and other volunteers, family members of these fine folks who helped ssave our property. We live on Omaha St. We know you have been working diligently to help all of us in the Cole Bottoms area and we pray many blessings for you and your family members who would have liked for you to be home w/them but you had a calling to help people like us keep our property, pets, lives safe. God bless you.

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