Update: One injury reported in East Texas earthquake


POSTED: Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 2:11pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 8:32am

The USGS confirms that a magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck 3 miles east of Timpson, Texas, at around 3:15 Thursday morning.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says the only injury report they received is an elderly woman who fell out of bed and received a small cut to her arm. The quake caused broken windows and dishes, but no major damage has been reported. TXDOT says they are in the area checking roads and bridges for any damage.

The quake was felt within 75 miles of its epicenter.

This is the second earthquake to strike the area in the last week. The last was on May 10.

Viewers have been calling and emailing the newsroom with reports of the ground shaking. Viewer Tad Bailey said, "I live in Timpson and was startled awake by the force of this morning's earthquake. I thought it was worse than the last even before I heard that it was a 4.3. I have driven around town and have seen no readily visible damage, but of course, it is still dark."

If you have pictures or stories to tell after the earthquake, please email them to newsroom@ketknbc.com.

Click here to see KETK's report on the earthquake that hit the Garrison area last Thursday.

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I moved back to Timpson, after hearing of the earthquakes. My aunt lost all of her mother's china during the 4.5 earthquake. I knew I needed to be closer to my family. So far, no more earthquakes :)

When a Texan rejects the words of another Texan who speaks of liberty in favor of the meaningless rhetoric of a Masachusets liberal, those who died at the Alamo and later in the Confederacy all turn-over in their graves producing this seismic event.

I live in Timpson and was awakened from a sound sleep by this mornings earthquake. I thought at the time it was worse than the last. I have driven around town and have seen no readily noticeable damage. It was scary, though!

Glad you're okay, Tad! hope there isn't too much damage to Timpson!!

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