UPDATE: Pet pig's death blamed on pit bulls; WPD seizes dogs


POSTED: Friday, August 13, 2010 - 11:19am

UPDATED: Friday, August 13, 2010 - 4:04pm

***UPDATE by Michael Wesp - Online Editor***

WHITEHOUSE - The Whitehouse Police Department seized the pit bulls after a judge issued a warrant.

Authorities are contemplating what action to take within the following weeks.


WHITEHOUSE - Several pit bulls attack a pet pig twice. The second time it didn't survive.

The pig's owner worries the dogs could attack again.

Word got out about the possibly dangerous dogs after Daisy, a nearly two year-old pet pig, was attacked in her pen behind a fence.

The pig's owner, Kathryn Fontenot, says four pit bulls from across the street attacked her pet pig, and in that attack, Daisy lost an ear and her tail.

About a month later, as she was beginning to heal, the dogs came back and attacked the pig again.

This time, Daisy had to be put down on the spot because her injuries were so severe.

Daisy's owner is worried for the safety of her other animals, but also for the people who walk around in that area.

"I fear for myself at some times because I know those dogs are out there, and I know they're out for blood," Ms. Fontenot says.

Ms. Fontenot says after the first attack, the dogs' owner was cited for all four dogs not being restrained.

Whitehouse police say they're working on the case, but no decision has been made yet on what to do with the dogs or their owner.

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Unfortunately nothing can be done because no HUMAN life was hurt. Unless the owners of the pig want to take the owners to civil court. That's what the Smith Co Sheriff Deputy told us when he came to our call after a neighbors pit attacked our min schnauzer while out on a family walk around the block. A friends hound was attacked just like the pig and they too was told nothing can be done and this was in a different county. These things have to be taken to civil court until TX changes their law.

This was uncalled for.I love animals and do animal rescue when I can, but in this case the dogs need to be put down and the owner or owners need jail time and fined.letting this happen twice shows no responsibility on the owners part.

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