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Friday, March 6, 2015 - 10:08am

UPDATE: Second charge brought against alleged Tyler mall shooter


POSTED: Monday, February 11, 2013 - 1:08pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 10:16am

Ricky Neal to appear in court Monday

Authorities placed an additional charge against Ricky Neal, Jr., the alleged gunman in the Broadway Square Mall shooting, Monday morning.

Neal, 23, of Tyler, is charged with murder and now, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police later determined he also shot at Jonathan Lamone Dews,  29, of Tyler. His bail totals $1.25 million.

Neal will appear in court on Wednesday afternoon.

He is expected to come before Judge Kerry Russell in the 7th District Court at 3:00 pm. Authorities in Judge Russell's office tell KETK, the appearance will clarify whether Neal will retain a court appointed attorney.

On Saturday, the accused shooter allegedly killed Chris Mass, 23, of Tyler, following a dispute involving Twitter, the social media site.

According to Tyler police, around 9:15 a.m., officials were dispatched to a shooting in the mall's parking lot near JC Penny.

According to police, Ricky Neal, Jr., and his girlfriend went to the mall to buy shoes at Champs. As they entered the mall, Neal noticed a group of men, one of which he had an issue with prior about "Tweeting" his girlfriend on the popular social media site, Twitter.

A confrontation ensued between Neal and another man from the group inside the mall. The confrontation continued to the parking lot.

According to authorities, Neal then pulled out a gun and shot the victim, later identified as Chris Mass multiple times, killing him. Mass was a former Chapel Hill High School football and basketball player. He attended Steven F. Austin in Nacogdoches, where he also played football.

According to Officer Don Martin from TPD, Neal was cooperative with authorities, and was taken into custody and will be charged with Homicide.

During the police investigation, a second person, Desmond Javon Black crossed over crime tape and ran towards the crime scene. He was then tackled by dozens of Tyler police officers and arrested for Interfering with Public Duties and Possession of  Marijuana. Police tell KETK Black claimed to be a relative of Mass.

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This is crazy. This man should get the death sentence for this. My thoughts and prayers go out to this man family for their lost...

charles' rant was apparently removed, but my reference below to "bottom-feeding fools" was directed at him for his miserable racist post...if he has been removed by ketk, kuddo's to this station...if chuck removed it himself, let's all hope he felt the heat of hell kissing his ankles for his beliefs, and should he be a Christian, let's hope he prays for forgiveness and God changes his cold-as-stone heart...remember, folks...we're ALL in this life together!!

No it shouldn't have come to this, but to talk about blacks being seven times more likely to commit murder has NOTHING to do with this AWESOME young man loosing his life!!!

Wow Charles!!!!

Just the facts, ma'am. When the truth is so ugly that it is censored by media then, what does that say about our nation?
Oh and by the way, this awesom young man as you describe, has been booked into jail 6 times in the last four years. Why not be honest and inform the youth of a pattern of behavior that leads up a dead end road?

Really people....C'mon y'all act like you have some sense. There is a young man dead here, two families forever fubared, especially the victims. Just because of jealous stupidity. It's not worth it people just walk away in these situations.

From the looks of it the suspect cannot claim either the Castle Doctrine nor the 'Stand Your Ground' law due to the altercation they had inside the mall. He should have just left. This is a warning, do not think the CD or SYG laws will shield you if you engage in a fight and decide it's becoming to dangerous for you. I have read of many accounts where people got into fights over something and when the fight got the best of them they pulled a knife and killed the other guy. Yes a murder charge.

It sounds like the two had big differences of the 'tweeting" of a girlfriend of one of them. Maybe it was very insulting, but still they came to an argument with a gun (or it could have been any weapon) and then proceeded to kill them.

Thing is they cannot use the Castle Doctrine because the argument was provoked by both sides, and thus they had to retreat if they could do so. They didn't and that is why you see the murder charge.

We will see how this plays out in court.

I was there right after it happened and the way all the spectators acted was a disgrace.Sad that a persons life is gone and all they carried about was a little publicity for themselves.

For some people, being racist bottom-feeding fools comes in the following post. Thinking people do not suffer fools, but because of the First Amendment, we must suffer some card carrying certifiable charter members of that particular group...if the shoe fits, poster below, wear it in disgrace.


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