UPDATE: Tyler doctor suspended for alcohol, drug abuse

UPDATE: Tyler doctor suspended for alcohol, drug abuse
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POSTED: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 11:59am

UPDATED: Friday, July 19, 2013 - 11:45am

On Friday, a disciplinary panel of the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended, without notice, the Texas medical license of Tyler physician William Edward Brown, M.D., after determining that Dr. Brown's continuation in the practice of medicine constitutes a threat to the public welfare due to his impaired status.

The Board found Dr. Brown violated terms of a five-year agreement with the Texas Physician Health Program in May 2013, including failure to complete required drug testing as well as a psychiatric evaluation. In June 2013, Dr. Brown violated an agreement with the Compliance Division of the Board by testing positive for prohibited substances.

In April 2013, Brown was referred to the Texas Physician Health Program due to a history of alcohol and prescription drug abuse.  He entered into a five-year monitoring and assisting agreement which was to run from April 17, 2013 through April 16, 2018.

The agreement included numerous conditions, among the following: abstention from all mood-altering, illicit and/or recreational substances, including alcohol; participation in he TXPHP random drug screening program and an understanding the TXPHP would report any relapse substantive violation of the agreement to the board.

According to records obtained by KETK from the Texas Medical Board, from May 15, 2013 to May 17, Brown missed his drug-testing check-ins and tests and failed to provide an explanation for the majority of his missed appointments.

On May 18, Brown was ordered to undergo a 96-hour evaluation within two weeks.

On May 22, Brown informed TXPHP he would have the evaluation performed in order to come to compliance with the agreement.

The following day, the agreement was terminated by the TXPHP based on Brown's failure to comply with the terms.

On June 6, Brown voluntarily agreed to submit to testing with the board. Results of the test found Brown had traces of phosphatidylethanol, a direct marker of chronic ethanol or alcohol consumption, in his blood on June 14. Brown also tested positive for prohibited substances on June 18.

According to the TMB, Brown's continuing alcohol and prescription drug abuse, as evidenced by the positive drug screening results, along with his failure to adhere to the terms of the agreement with the board, poses a continuing threat to the public health, safety or welfare that requires immediate effect of the temporary suspension.

The public can read the full report obtained by KETK below.

WilliamBrownMedBoardReview.pdf185.2 KB

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Dr Brown has never put patient health at risk. He is the most responsible physician and the most trustworthy. He is currently trying to clear up this misunderstanding. As KETK did not attempt to contact him to clarify, this story assumes the worst. Dr Brown's response is posted on his website: http://www.gynecologytyler.com/. I urge you to read it before you too assume that he deserves to have his reputation ruined because the news outlets would rather be first to report than complete.

Not a patient of this physician, but would suggest that his long-time patients who have come out in support of his practice since this story broke should take another look at whom they've entrusted with their healthcare in the past...any physician who is responsible for his/her patients' healthcare while engaging in alcohol and/or drug abuse of any kind should have his/her credentials lifted, no matter the loyalty of his/her patients. The TMB, charged with patient safety, did the right thing.

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