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UPDATE: Tyler homeless find new places to sleep


POSTED: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 5:49pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 28, 2012 - 1:06pm

TYLER-- A few months after the East Texas Rescue Mission is forced to shut down, the homeless are making a new part of Tyler their home. Salvation Army says they have had a large increase in the number of homeless people, but some are staying in other places--like downtown Tyler.

Garland Craig has a job working 20 hours a week on minimum wage,  but it's not enough to keep him off the streets.  He says people don't want to mess with the problem, 'If you walk up and say give me two dollars, they're gonna give you two dollars but they don't want to mess with you. They don't want to hear from you-- just take the two dollars and go on," says Craig.

Out of concern for both the city's safety and the homeless people, Mayor Barbara Bass says they'll continue to work with organizations like the Salvation Army and Path to help.

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I go to a church for the homeless. I have a home and a job, but a heart for helping those who have fallen on hard times. While it is true that some are using the system, many are just what they seem - people in need of help. We need to train them, listen to them, and help them get off the street. Drugs are addictive, but so is condemnation; both kill relationships. The good news is that God loves us just as we are. He is the God of new beginnings and changed attitudes and both make life better.

If you suspect they might be Angels in disguise then offer to buy them lunch or dinner. If it is cash only they seek then you then know the Devil is in works for their nightly drug or alchohol fix. Pity the man, don't pity the fool.

I am quite familiar with this situation. Know one of the guys there personally. Have visited there on occasion and other places these people stay. Interesting to note, they are not from the Rescue Mission, but choose to live as they do, as they don't want to play by any rules. Also, there are drugs and alcohol right there on the Square!! They have given up on living and choose to live this way. Sad, but true. My own Dad lived this life style for 26 years.

Buy them a one way ticket to San Francisco where the people do not have normal pets like cats and dogs but pet dumpster divers that they put food out for at night. Also be advised that experienced professional panhandlers make between $40-$80,000+ dollars/year TAX FREE.

Finally, somebody notices the Hobo Headquarters!!!

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