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Update on Van Zandt animal seizure

POSTED: Monday, January 26, 2009 - 6:24pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:13am

MYRTLE SPRINGS-New details about Sunday's animal seizure in Van Zandt County.

Sunday deputies, along with the SPCA seized, nearly 200 animals near a home located in the 100 block of County Road 3221.

But it all started Sunday morning with a 911 call regarding the welfare of the elderly man living in the home with his caregiver. While emergency workers were out there they noticed the residence had no running water or electricity.

After receiving the news, SPCA volunteers and police went to the home Sunday with hundreds of clean kennels in hand. "This is probably one of the most unsanitary facilities I've ever been in my career," Van Zandt Sheriff's Investigator Chuck Allen said.

The SPCA released their findings Monday from the investigation. Officials said they found 147 animals on the property in various filthy pens, enclosures and cages. The living animals include 50 goats and sheep, 40 dogs, 30 chickens, 18 ducks and geese, seven rabbits, three turkeys, and one alpaca. Officials said they also discovered 57 deceased animals including 30 dead rabbits and 27 dead goats.

SPCA officials released a statement that reads:

"Although the caretaker—who had care, custody and control of the elderly man and the animals on the property—has access to food for the animals on site, he did not appear to have been feeding or giving water to the animals. The animals also lacked basic care and many were forced to live in their own filth. The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department required the caretaker to feed and water all of the animals Saturday."

The animals rescued have been taken to SPCA's Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney. A hearing is set for Friday to decide who will get custody of the animals.

If you believe someone you know to be mistreating or neglecting their animals you can log onto, contact your local animal control, or if you live in a county without animal control contact the Sheriff's Department.

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this story at least the looked in to it before the hit them my dogs we taken with out even a note on my door while we were not home i have pic of my pets this is not a puppy mill i had rescued a few puppys that were not bresd here and i own nothing that could have made these pups animal control came in my house and even took my chihuahua who has more clothes and toys food than most kids how fair is this said because dog poo was in back yard was a fed afeance why i did not get a note or anything i dont know they also gave my moma dog to neighbors and my lizzard can they do this were is my aspca they would have found nothing wrong here oh ya water buckets that water my outside dogs were tiped over never had that happen where is the fair ness in this? if you know where i should start please help

Will the dogs be available for adoption at any time? I have fallen for the Basset Hound . . . Please let me know how to find out. Thanks!

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