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UPDATE: What postal closings could mean to East Texans

Friday, December 30, 2011 - 7:06pm

The US Postal Service is a changing entity these days with people doing more e-mailing than licking stamps.

And the Postal Service is feeling it.  They say they're losing more than $23 Million a day.

Last night in Tyler, the postal service held a public meeting to get input on their current plan to save costs.

At the moment, the plan includes closing the East Texas Processing and Distribution center in Owentown.

Today we spoke with Paul Shuptrine who works at the center -- he's also the president of the American Postal Workers Union in Tyler.

He says even though the postal service hopes to place the workers in other cities if the plant is closed, he says it's possible that jobs will be lost.

He realizes that some processing centers around the country probably could be consolidated, but not here.

"The proposal now is to split it up into 3 different cities.  One of them's not even in Texas.  So I don't think East Texas [Processing and Distribution Center] is a candidate for that," Shuptrine said.

Shuptrine says the way it is now, if you mail a letter in East Texas to someone else in East Texas, it usually gets to where it's going overnight.

But if the East Texas center closes, it'll take around 2 days.

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