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Wednesday, December 24, 2014 - 3:31pm

Update: Woman found dead in Gregg County Jail

Update: Woman found dead in Gregg County Jail

POSTED: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 1:36pm

UPDATED: Saturday, January 1, 2011 - 11:10pm

From: Gregg County Sheriffs Department

Sheriff's Investigators and the Texas Rangers are investigating the early morning death of a woman who was in custody at the Gregg County Jail. Staff members found Amy Lynn Cowling 33 of Gilmer unresponsive in a separation cell at the North facility before midnight Tuesday. Cowling was transported to Good Shepherd Medical Center and was deceased on arrival.

"Late Tuesday night Jailers discovered Cowling and a team from the Medical Staff responded and immediately administered CPR to her", Captain Mike Claxton said. Longview Fire Department Paramedics were called to the facility at 12:22 am and had picked up Cowling and arrived at the hospital trauma room by 12:39 am. Cowling had been in custody since December 24, 2010.

Sheriff's procedure is that custodial death investigations are worked by the Rangers with assistance from Sheriff Investigators. Judge BH Jameson ordered an autopsy examination be performed on Cowling at the Southeast Texas Forensic Center at Tyler. It is likely that the results of that procedure will be learned in the coming days.

Mike Claxton, Captain


Original Story:

Our news partners at the Longview News-Journal report that a woman was found unresponsive in her cell at the Gregg County Jail this morning... and later died at the hospital.

Amy Lunn Cowling, 33, of Gilmer was found by staff members in a separation cell just before midnight on Tuesday.

She was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

The News-Journal reports that Cowling had been in Gregg County custody since December 24th.

The incident is under investigation by the Sheriff's Department and Texas Rangers.

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My heart goes out to this family. And now to hear that she squealed for hours and they were laughing at her! INHUMANE! This has got to stop people! I put my call in to the attorney today! I only wish it was monday! my family is going through the same thing!

My heart broken even more when I found out Asa was about to be a daddy and Amy can't be there to see her first granddaughter. So sad! If anyone else, including iluvpink, knows anything please contact the lawyer in Gilmer. You can google their number. Please don't let Amy's death go unnoticed. My prayers to the family continue....

Dear iluvpink1, is there some way I/we could contact you? Micki

im so sorry , my husband is in there and they told me some stuff about wat they heard and saw the gaurds walking by laughing at her for 6 hrs while she sqealed and cried and then something about her tounge and then they fuken call 911 when she dies, they need to pay for her death they should be behind bars.. im soo sorry this makes me worry about my own familys well beings in there...he too is in the northside or watever where she was... i apolagize and send my prayers for ur family .

CAN YOU PLEASE call their lawyer and tell them this story. Tefteller in Gilmer.. Please so we can make sure no one else dies like this unncessary. Amy would be a grandmother today if she was alive, her first grandchild was born last night.

Sad...why was she being held? And there was a previous run in with the law?

This woman was the mother of my nephew and nieces...held in this jail WITHOUT access to her medications which were vital to her survival! Once before, she had been picked up by police and her medications were witheld. She experienced cardiac arrest during transport in the squad car.

Her mother and brother BEGGED them to give her the medications! Why keep someone from getting vital blood pressure meds, heart meds, beta blockers, etc? She had documented kidney problems too...why??

im so sorry for ur loss and give my regards to ur family but i think theres something u should know. my brother in law said he heard her for 6 hrs sqealing after they gave her two shots dont know wat it was but then supposively she bit her tounge halfway off and then the guards would just walk by her and laugh at her and walk away, im so sorry to tell u this but i think its very important for you to know, im os sorry and your family is in my prayers...

please call their lawyer please tell them this
tefteller in gilmer

Please give our love to Joey and Vicki and especially the kids. They are in our prayers. We haven't spoken to them in about 6 yrs and have no way of contacting them. Our hearts go out to them. :o(

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