UPS Christmas delivery delays cause problems for thousands


POSTED: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 - 10:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 3, 2014 - 6:35pm

The United Postal Service, UPS, is under scrutiny after thousands of people across the U.S. did not receive packages on their promised Christmas Eve delivery date. Many of the angry individuals paid increased shipping fees to ensure delivery by December 24.

UPS delivered this statement Tuesday, "Packages may still be out for delivery on vehicles. We are expecting deliveries to be made well into the evening. There's not set cutoff time. It might be 9 pm on one side of town; 10 pm elsewhere, depending upon how much volume they still have left on trucks". UPS is closed on Christmas Day.

This delay was due to the "unpredictably large number" of shipments that overwhelmed the system. Cities like Dallas Fort Worth experienced more of a delay than other areas because of the recent ice storms. In Tyler, a UPS shipment arrived at 11 am Tuesday morning, that was just never unloaded. One East Texan said, "I honestly believe that the customer should be able to go in and get the packages if they're sitting there". 

So we wondered, should UPS have employees working on Christmas? According the Tyler residents we spoke with, we found the reviews evenly split. One resident said, "Yea because if they give you an estimated date of when it should arrive, it should be there like they said it was going to". Another said, "Even if it's only a partial day, they should be working on Christmas Day to make up for the time lost". Others believe, "They should be able to enjoy time with their family" and, "It's not about the gifts, it's about Christ".

UPS will resume normal delivery schedules on Thursday, but what do you think?  

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As the wife of a UPSer My husband worked 137 hours a week on the weeks leading up to Christmas to make sure that all the deliveries were met... It saddens me to think that people are so consumed with a package that they think that UPS staff and supervisors should work on Christmas Day! I thought that Christmas was a day to celebrate the birth of CHRIST and be with families! This UPS delay was a result of the Perfect Storm! .Bad Weather and only 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas

I think that these men & women work their butts off trying to make deliveries by the deadline every day and I believe that they accomplish their goals 98% of the time. Problem is people wait till the last minute to order something and then the shipping company ( not the employees ) tell you for a little extra they will get it there faster, they don't take into consideration heaver holiday traffic, more packages, etc, just more profits. Don't blame drivers they do their best, give them a break.

We were off Christmas day and we should allow UPS employees the same. Maybe this last minute shopping is the real culprit.

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