US Postal workers think about future as East TX P&DC is set to close


POSTED: Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 10:13pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 25, 2012 - 4:22pm

Terry McKeever has been working for the US Postal Service's East Texas processing and distribution center for more than a decade.

We spoke with him in December when the postal service held a public meeting about the potential closing of processing centers across the nation.

Now, the postal service says after the research, they've decided it will happen.

"We feel like this is our community...this is where we live, worship and our wages support the community and...this is where we are.  And we do not want to be uprooted and displaced to Austin, Shreveport, Dallas...and other places like that.  But unfortunately that's what's gonna happen," McKeever said.

Like he said, for the East Texas P&DC, its operations will split up between the Shreveport, North Texas and Austin centers.

Also closing down close to us, both the Waco and the Lufkin centers.

A representative for the postal service tells KETK that no employees will be laid off.  If they choose to relocate, they will be reassigned as letter carriers, retail clerks, or processing clerks.

But McKeever says many of the folks that work with him are older  -- while the younger employees may relocate, he and many of his friends are hoping for an incentive to retire.

"If not, I'll probably be looking into another career...and at my age, that'll be kind of hard to do," McKeever said.

McKeever says he guesses 70 to 100 of his fellow employees won't relocate.

The postal service has said that because of changing habits in mail, they're losing $23 million a day, so they had to do something.

Congressman Louie Gohmert thinks the closures are a bad business move -- and that money could be saved elsewhere.

"I say lets get rid of most of the mid-level and top-level management and hang on to the retail services including the processing plants and that allow it to be delivered timely.  And I think you'll see a change," Gohmert said.

As far as when the plants will actually close, no one seems to have a definite answer at the moment because there's a congressional moratorium on closures until May 15th.

So the postal service rep would spoke with today says Congress could still stop all of this from happening -- saying 'it's up to them.'

Some of the suggestions we've heard include letting retail locations sell other things like hunting and fishing licenses for example.

Congressman Gohmert says the idea is very do-able.


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The Teamster brotherhood here at UPS want to thank you for your concern. We work with our employer very closely to insure accurate, prompt and affordable service....we are very concerned with the financial health of our employer, Working people like us who are paid an hourly wage are also concerned that we have enough money to pay for our family's living expenses.... and that the money we are paid matches what value we add to our employer's "product"(service). Union's aren't the problem.

These Postal Workers who are losing their jobs should have thought twice before joining a Union that would make ANY business fail because of their greed.

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