Users disconnecting from land line telephones


POSTED: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 9:15am

Do you still have a landline telephone? Well, many Texans are slowly changing their ways and only going with a cellular phone.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that only a decade ago, 93 percent of households had land lines. Now in 2014, only 58 percent still pay for the service. Adults living in poverty and those with children, were also more likely to only have wireless devices. For a full breakdown you can visit:

So KETK went out and asked East Texans. Out of six people, four of them no longer had a landline. In fact, adults living in Southern states, like Texas, were more likely than the rest of the nation to live in households with wireless-only cell phones. One East Texan said, "It's just easier with cell phones. I have a family of four, and we all just have cell phones".  

Americans choose this for a variety of reasons, but others still  prefer the comfort of their home phone. Another East Texan said, "Well we've had one for years and years, and also it is a safety backup". Still another said, "We live out in the county, and we don't get great reception with our cell phones all the time". Regardless of the reason why, there is a distinct trend towards slowly eliminating the home phone.

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I kind of wonder how CDC found it's way to knowing this information or records of this. I have my home phone and cell phone but if it were not for reception like if I moved to town or lived in town I would not have a landline it is about money it is one more bill I do not have to worry about just so a telemarketer can call or if once or so in a lifetime I have to emergency call but gps in phones are getting that resolved also.

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