USPS to expedite consolidation of Lufkin mail processing center

USPS to expedite consolidation of Lufkin mail processing center

POSTED: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 6:47am

UPDATED: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 2:54pm

Rep. Louie Gohmert calls the move "unsettling"

The United States Postal Service has chosen to expedite the closure of the Lufkin Consumer Service Mail Processing Center (or CSMP).

The center was originally slated to close in 2014, however, in a certified letter to Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01), the USPS notified him that its closure would be moved up to 2013, due to what the postal service calls a "dire financial condition".

Lufkin CSMPC operations will be moved to the North Houston Processing and Distribution Center.

In the letter, the USPS states that the consolidation may result in employee reassignments.

Rep. Louie Gohmert tells KETK: “This unsettling news comes as quite a surprise to both me and my office."

"I met with the District Manager for this area and the District Marketing Manager from the United States Postal Service (USPS), both from the Dallas Regional Office which covers our area, as well as the Senior Plant Manager for the North Texas Processing and Distribution Center in Dallas. In our meeting, we were discussing the projected closure of the Tyler facility and inefficiencies that employees have pointed out to me in the USPS system. The Lufkin Consumer Service Mail Processing Center was also specifically addressed. These officials stated unequivocally that there were absolutely no plans to do anything but “business as usual” in Lufkin. They told me that the facility was working at over 98% efficiency. When I reminded them that a notice had been sent to Lufkin regarding consolidation or closure, the District Manager said that must have been in 2011 when we were just looking at possible changes and the Marketing Manager nodded in agreement, but he said there are no plans to change the services they are doing in Lufkin now or the foreseeable future. He said they are doing a good job there.

However, [now] our district office received a certified letter notifying us of the closure. This letter must have been in the mail at the time of my meeting with the District Manager. At best though, sadly, this is just another example of the high level managers either not knowing what is going on or being less than honest in their statements, all while the Postal System suffers and bleeds more money. The Postal System can be salvaged, but they must look at solutions found in among thinkers in the public arena. I pointed out to them that Fed Ex is now adding a distribution center in east Texas because they have figured out how to organize and make money at the same time the USPS is closing facilities that can help them be viable. At a time when gasoline is near record highs, the USPS thinks they can save money in some cases by carrying letters 3-4 times farther and sorting them twice instead of once.

The best move these postal bureaucrats could make is to eliminate most of the top officials, who do not help with mail getting delivered but who actually use faulty reasoning that will further eliminate customer usage. What some of the USPS bureaucrats don’t understand is that when they make it more difficult to send a letter efficiently and quickly, they diminish the amount of revenue that will come in. The bottom line is that the closure of the Lufkin facility will ultimately hurt the U.S. Postal Service.

I suggested that instead of closing retail facilities or post offices and processing centers that make them more efficient, they should look at doing what service stations have done and either provide additional needed services or provide other businesses a chance to lease part of their facilities and provide other needed services to draw in more customers.”

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Check the link above. You will see why the USPS is in immense debt. Mail sorters average:$48,380 pa. Postal clerks average:$52,860 pa . Mail carriers average: $40,470 to $56,720 pa. All the above are pretty low skill level jobs, so why the extraordinary salaries? Get over it Louie, they have asked for what they are about to get. Go find a worthy cause that serves your constituents for a change.

AH! Louie the pooey is at it again.Negative Nelly does not realize that he is viewed as so insignificant that no-one feels they should tell him what is actually going on.Fire the Execs? What a good idea for you Louie.Perhaps you should apply that thinking to your office. In recent years the Postal Service has written its own epitaph by inneficiancy and possibly bad management. Treat it like a regular business. Poor performance = redundancy.Check out the average salary for postal delivery people.

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