UT Tyler clearing wooded parking lot to increase student safety

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 5:44pm

UT Tyler's campus will be seeing some construction.
Students repeatedly received out to university officials about their safety concerns regarding a dark, heavily wooded parking lot outside a freshman dorm.The parking lot outside Ornelas Hall is secluded, downhill and surrounded by trees.

Despite the emergency alert posts being located in the parking lot, students were hesitant to park there, especially at night. The University has decided to thin the trees surrounding the lot making it more visible to the dorm and to add in a park.

Not only will this help with student safety, but add to the overall feel of the campus.
University officials hope with the new makeover the area will feel safe and inviting for students.
Resident advisors living in Ornelas Hall say they educate incoming freshman on safety protocols and precautions, but the University's pro-active approach to this area in particular has them giving off a sigh of relief.

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