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POSTED: Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 6:54pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 1:26pm

Last year, we told you about a new program the University of Texas at Tyler will offer their students. They
will be able to take classes half online and half in the classroom. They will roll out this brand new way of teaching this fall.

"They have one class on Monday, one class on Wednesday and one class on Friday and the other 66% of that is all online," said UT Tyler Asst. VP of teaching innovation Dr. Scott Marzilli.

It's called the PATSS program or Patriots Achieving Technology..
"They have invested the largest investment in faculty history in UT Tyler history into helping faculty really learn how to use new technology in a better way," said Dr. Marzilli.

This is a pilot program through the UT system. The UT system and the university invested $4 million each into this hybrid way of teaching.

"They're about to schedule classes better, save more time, which will allow them to work , raise a family, study, so that part really works great," said Dr. Marzilli.
Students will spend half their time in the classroom and the other half online.

"We have programs in criminology, MBA in business is now part of PATSS, the nursing program, the whole Palestine nursing program, Health and Kinesiology is going to be part of this and the list goes on and on with the number of programs," said Dr. Marzilli.

UT Tyler instructional designer Leslie Lindsey said the best part of blended learning is you get the best of both worlds.
"You get that really dynamic face to face interaction hands on work then you also have the online environment that gives everyone the time and space and flexibility to learn at there own pace."

There are more than 60 instructors ready to teach these courses. They will also be going through another intensive  training course this June. Four internationally known instructors will help assist. All teachers are invited to the first part of this forum from June 2nd-5th.

Students will also get more interactive in the classroom. Instructors will be able to teach on a green wall so students can really jump into what they're learning. Dr. Marzilli used the example of being back in Ancient Rome. Instructors can get really into their courses and be right in the midst of their lessons. Dr. Marzilli said the green screen will become a learning tool for teachers in the classroom.

UT Tyler will also offer a free online course this summer for anyone interested in learning a little more about Anatomy and Physiology.

The university partnered with a program called MOC or massive online courses. MOC is free for anyone to take and it's been used at big universities like Harvard and MIT.

Their program will be called the foundations of Anatomy and Physiology. This is the universities first attempt at this. The university does not offer an intro into Anatomy and Physiology so this will be a course to prepare high school students for this intensive class.It's going to be a free 8 week course and since it's open, this is not limited to just UT Tyler students. Someone that wants to learn more about this subject can register.

"That Anatomy and Physiology are very difficult classes but it's also the gateway course to nursing, pre-med pre-physical therapy, biology, and so what we want to be able to do is give them a free opportunity," said Dr. Marzilli.

UT Tyler hopes this free course will help current and future students prepare for college.

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I contacted UT Tyler about this free class and they told me it didn't exist.

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