UT Tyler may be adding a pharmacy school in 2015


POSTED: Monday, April 8, 2013 - 7:02pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 1:03pm

The University of Texas at Tyler may be adding a pharmacy school in 2015.

UT Tyler became interested in adding a pharmacy school because administrators' knew there is a need for pharmacists in the East Texas region.

Retailers such as Brookshire's and hospitals say there's a need.

"It's really hard sometimes to recruit people to the rural areas to practice medicine and other kinds of ally health fields including pharmacy," said Dr. Alisa White Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dr. White says there is a growing demand for students seeking access into pharmacy programs.

Dr. White says there are about 600 students from Texas looking for pharmacy schools outside of the state right now because there are none in the East Texas area.

"We want to provide access to students who want to stay in the state of Texas. It is good for us, it's good for them they don't have to travel so far and then we hope they fall in love with East Texas that they would want to practice in the area."

Both Senator Kevin Eltife and Senator Robert Nichols filed a senate bill related to the pharmacy school.

"It would be new for our area and there is a need and the pharmacists in the state would support it," said Sen. Nichols.  

A pharmacy school in Tyler would be perfect for students like Tracie Littles.

She has been a pharmaceutical technician for 16 years, but she has two kids and says it would be difficult to travel out of the state for school.

Littles says she would most definitely go back to school at UT Tyler if they added the program.

"I have two children 12 and 8 so it would work out a lot better for me."

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I work for a big chain drug store, I recruit pharmacists from both local and out of state. For every pharmacist job opening, I have more than 5 to 7 applicants. I usually end up hire a new young graduate from out of state instead of an older pharmacist locally mainly due to my district budget.
In fact, there is no shortage of pharmacist in East Texas and nation wide. We wasting a lot of money.

?? In your first sentence you state a "shortage" of pharmacist, but in your next to last sentence you state that you know several pharmacist having a hard time getting a job. Also, in your first sentence you state the "lack of access to pharmacy schools", yet in your last sentence you say we don't need another pharmacy school in Texas right now. So which is it ? I hope you're not filling my prescriptions, the last thing I want is to take a viagra and find my shoes don't fit.

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