Vehicle burglaries continue in Longview

Vehicle burglaries continue in Longview

POSTED: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - 10:26am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:25am

Motor vehicle burglars are continuing to target unlocked vehicles and those with
portable items left in them.

A comprehensive study of each motor vehicle burglary revealed that one in four
vehicles targeted were left unattended with the doors unlocked. 83% of the
vehicles burglarized had portable items stolen. The most common of the
portable items stolen were GPS units, cellular telephones, purses and music
players, such as Ipods.

The Longview Police Department is asking motorists to help reduce the
occurrence of motor vehicle burglaries by eliminating the opportunity for thieves.

Motorists are asked to make sure their doors are locked and valuables are
removed whenever they park their vehicles unattended. It only takes a thief
seconds to break a window to your car or truck and steal a purse from a seat or a GPS unit from the dashboard. Vehicles are NOT a secure location to store
anything of value.

An increase in motor vehicle burglaries is a trend seen nationwide, not just in
Longview. The Longview Police Department will continue to monitor crime
trends and to take action, but we are unable to effectively reduce crime without
the help of residents. Burglary of a motor vehicle is a misdemeanor offense and
numerous motor vehicle burglary suspects were arrested last year, but officers
continue to encounter the same suspects after they leave jail and continue their
criminal ways.

We are asking the public to do their part: lock your doors, remove your valuables and be aware and report any suspicious activity.

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I was a victim of motor vehicle burglary in Longveiw Texas. While working in the area I was staying at a brand new luxury hotel on the interstate. The parking lot was equiped with the latest high tech camera system. At approximatly 3:00 AM two black males pulled along side my car. They smashed my rear window and one thef climbed out their window into my car. They where trying not to be seen by the camera which they where aware of. One passed my computer, potable cd player and tools to their vehicle.
I know all this detail because they were on camera the whole time. They cased the parking lot about an hour before before carrying out their theft.Everything was on camera. The car make, the clear licence plate number, and the car had one head light. Everything was clear except the except the thefs faces. I got a copy of the surveilance video from the hotel manager and gave it to the police when they came.
The police, Longview police, could care less. They said it happens all the time. They said it was a big crack area. They looked at the video tape like they new who it was and hardly cared about the tape or the licence nunber. They where very rude to me and the hotel manager.
I continued to work in the area for another month. The police said they would contact me after they ran the licence plates . They never did. Never herd from them again. I tried to follow up but I was basically told "Don't Call Us, We'll call you."

Moral of story: Never leave anything in vehile at motel or hotel no matter how tired you are. Always park as close to the front door as possible. I would say park under a camera but the cops do not care. The Hotel people are for sure not watching the camera.
Longview Texas has a high crime rate. Watch yourself at fast food resterants and gas stations late at night. My fellow workers and myself had a lot of things happen to us while in that town. Two Black males followed my fellow worker to his car coming out of Jack In The Box. They ask him for money. My partner said no,sorry.
As he was unlocking his door to get in his truck one black male went around to his passanger door to get ready to hope in. My friend, I guess you could call him a "good ole country boy," had his gun in the truck. He hit his door lock control, got the gun, and scared off his attackers.
On two seperate occasions I was ask for money by people while pumping gas.

Be aware of people around you when you get in your car in parking lots. If you work late at night, consider a hand gun and be prepaired to use it to protect yourself and your family. I never thought I would need a hand gun but now I must reconsider my thinking. I could easily have to protect my wife and kids at any given moment.

I am sure Longveiw has some nice areas but they are hard to find. Be careful there because the police do not have your back.
It is not just Longveiw its everywhere in our country.

God Bless America

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