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Veteran's Day at the American Freedom Museum

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 6:55pm

Honoring veterans, educating students, and inspiring others to achieve greatness are the building blocks that created the American Freedom Museum in Bullard, Texas.

The museum has two main interactive galleries. The first is the hall of presidents, where they showcase an original signed document from each president in history.

K-E-T-K spoke with Jan Hommel, the Director of the museum, who said, "We have George Washington's hair. We have a hand written coin written by John Quincy Adams who is the only president who is a published poet. We have the order signed by Eisenhower adding one nation under God to the pledge".

The second gallery is the 15,000 square foot hall of freedom that walks through each war in history.

Hommel says, "We start with the Revolutionary War and we show the causes of that conflict, and then the guns, and the uniforms, and the artifacts, from that conflict and then the outcome"

More than 58 different schools and classes have visited this year alone, so the museum began a grade level curriculum to include children of all ages.

Hommel believes, "It's very important that kids know what a great country they came from and the sacrifices so many people made for the freedoms they have today".

Monday may be veteran's day, but in this museum they celebrate every day.

The American Freedom Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM-3 PM.

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