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Vets are seeing an increase in dog allergy cases

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 11:13am

Veterinarians are seeing an increase of allergy cases in dogs this summer, mostly due to the heat. Doctor Laura Nelson says avoiding dog allergies is nearly impossible.

Dr. Nelson says "it's really hard to avoid the pollen the trees the grasses the house dust mites."

With several days of heat and no rain she says pollen has been circulating at levels dogs just cannot tolerate.

Dr. Nelson says "anything you've got growing outside that's releasing pollen. It's not that the dogs are rolling in it it's that they are breathing it."

She shows us how to check your dog starting with their fur then checking their paw's face and ears looking for any redness bumps or blisters even hair loss. And sometimes she says all you have to do is take a whiff.

Dr. Nelson says "a lot of dogs smell bad when they have an allergic skin disease, their ears are infected their skin is infected."

She says any infection or lesion needs immediate attention for the comfort of your dog and to make sure it doesn't get any worse. She recommends before treating your dog call your vet first especially when it comes to over-the counter medication.

Dr. Nelson says "antihistamines have variable results in dogs and not all of."

As for prevention, Dr. Nelson says "sometimes just after they've gone out to play take a damp clothe to remove the pollen can help reduce how much dogs are exposed to it."

Keeping your four legged friend healthy and happy. Doctor nelson says if your dog is suffering from allergies to talk to your vet about treatment options. She says there are some vaccinations available.

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