VIDEO: Disqualified athlete admits, who was not disqualified because a show of faith

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 10:51pm

The athlete has since admitted, he was not thanking God when he was flagged after the race.

KETK spoke with the UIL Deputy Director who says, officials acted correctly, and that there is no effort suppress any athlete's demonstration of faith.

A high school track runner's gesture at the finish line cost his team a trip to the state championships.

School officials say he broke an excessive celebration rule when he pointed to the sky after his win.

Now, the move has a lot of people talking about religious freedom.

It was a show of faith that has this town talking.

Junior, Derrick Hayes, put his hand by his ear and pointed at the Heavens after crossing the finish line after running the anchor leg of a relay.

And that cost the team a trip to state.

According to the rules that govern high school sports, you can't show any excessive act of celebration, hands included.


Parents have complained to the state, but as it stands, four athletes from Columbus High School now have no chance of advancing.

If you ask around town, some see it as a violation of religious freedom.

Which is why, for many in Columbus, the track team did win, even without a title.

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If god is so powerful, why doesn't he reverse the decision of the school officials?
The dumb kid has a right to break the rules if the consequences affect only him, but his publicity seeking gesture cost his teammates also.

1st Corinthians, chapter 9, verses 24-27. An excerpt: "...Run in such a way as to win the prize." Praying that the actions of this young man will not soon be forgotten and that he and others will continue to run the REAL race for the ultimate, REAL prize!

Does not seem excessive to us. We will watch and we will see excessive at the state meet this next weekend. There will be hands raised, fist raised, jumping on each others backs, falling down and beating the ground while kicking your feet. You will see REAL EXCESSIVE BEHAVIOR from TEX. athletes, just sit back and watch. Baseball & softball players show excessive celebration at home plate after a home run, basketball players show excessive celebration after a great shot, rebound or steal. SO??

Christianity cost Christ His life. Because good people have sat so long and did nothing, evil now will rule our country. It will get worse than this. You may have to give your life now for the cause of Christ.

'Excessive celebration"... and who got to define what that term meant?

I mean just where in the dictionary did find it?

Sounds to me like it was just a vague rule meant to penalize Christians.

Just the kind of thing liberals love to do.

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