VIDEO: Pee-Wee football turns violent as 12-year-old kicks player in head when down

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 4:48pm

A Kansas City pee-wee football player was suspended after kicking an opposing player who was down.

Now, his mother wants answers.

The moment of unsportsmanlike conduct happened during an October 5, matchup between the Sedalia Broncos and the Moniteau Monsters.

Watch closely in the upper left side of the screen and you can see 12-year old Maurice Martin #58, thrown to the ground and kicked in the head.

It happened after the whistle was blown.

Keesha Martin was understandably upset by what she calls an unnecessary assault. Both players were ejected, #5 for unsportsmanlike conduct and Martin's son Maurice for removing his helmet and cursing.

His mother has no problem with her son being punished

Martin says she was told the other player would be suspended for the next two games, but she says a friend saw #5 on the field at game shortly after the confrontation.

Honestly, I was angry because I felt like we were lied to.

Sedalia Football League Commissioner Jimmy Brown said the one-game suspension for #5 was adequate punishment.

But, another board member emailed Martin saying, "I wish we would have had this video right away. We will look into it again."

After reviewing the video, Commissioner Brown said the player was suspended for the rest of the season.

Martin is pleased with the additional punishment but says it should have happened before we started asking questions.

"It saddens me that it came to this to bring accountability to the commissioner and the board," said Martin.

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