VIDEO: TX girl's dream comes true when she suits up with volleyball team

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 11:57am

A Texas middle school volleyball team helped make a dream come true for an eighth grader with down syndrome.

She stole the spotlight as she suited up to play for the very first time.

It's one dribble, one set, one spike, and for eighth grader Ally Sims who lives with down syndrome, it's more than just a game of volleyball, it's something she's been apart of for three years as a team manager, but she finally put on a jersey with purpose.

"I play volleyball and I'm going to win," said Ally.

The Bushland Blackhawks girls volleyball team capped of a perfect undefeated season, 28-0.

But, even more special than that, Ally got to play in the team's last home game.

Ally manages multiple sports teams at Bushland.

She takes stats, helps warm players up, and stands on the side as one of their biggest fans.

But, she finally had a cheering section of her own.

One of ally's best friends and biggest supporters also had a hand in making this day come true.

And as for ally, she has one message for her fans in the stand.

"Hummmmmmmp day, yeah!"

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