VIDEO: TX woman dies, delivers baby, then comes back to life

Friday, May 24, 2013 - 1:03pm

When a pregnant teacher in Texas collapsed, her coworkers rushed to help.

The woman technically died, gave birth, and then was brought back to life.

Three month old baby Elayna now weighs a whopping nine pounds.

She's growing and thriving and could be off oxygen as early as next week.

It's a miracle, considering how Elayna came into this world.

Her mom, Erica Nigrelli, is an English teacher at Elkins High School.

She collapsed in a co-worker's classroom when she was 36-weeks pregnant.

Erica's husband nathan is also a teacher at Elkins.

Erica's heart had stopped.

Some co-workers started CPR and used a deliberator to get it working again.

They kept her alive until paramedics came and rushed her to the hospital.

Doctor's delivered baby Elayna by emergency c-section.

It was technically a post mortem delivery because Erica's heart wasn't beating.

It turns out, erica had an undetected heart defect.

The fact mom and baby are here today is a testament to her co-workers.

June Tomlin, Maxine Reeves and Jennifer Longoria were honored at Monday's Missouri City council meeting.

Erica is only 32, but doctor's installed a pacemaker that will now allow her to see baby Elayna grow up.


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