Voting results for May 11th elections

Voting results for May 11th elections
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POSTED: Monday, May 13, 2013 - 7:26am

UPDATED: Monday, May 13, 2013 - 1:31pm

Rusk County:

Henderson ISD Bond: (official)

For: 73%

Against: 27%

Rusk Co. Emergency Dist. #1: (unofficial)

For: 69%

Against: 31%

Smith County:

Tyler ISD Bond: (official)

For: 65%

Against: 35%

Smith County Prop 1.

For: 100%

Against: 0%

Whitehouse City Alcohol: (official)

For: 51%

Against: 49%

Troup ISD:

Place No. 6 (official)

Tre Cheney: unopposed

Place No. 7 (unofficial)

Kevin Scot Ivy: 27%

Robbie Switzer: 73%

Winona ISD:

Place No. 5 (unofficial)

Dexter Jones: 36%

Mark Wintters: 51%

Teresa Smith: 13%

Place No. 7 (unofficial)

Patrice Coulter: 51%

Bruce Burnham: 49%

Lindale ISD:

Place No. 1 (unofficial)

Gary W. Camp: unopposed

Place No. 2 (unofficial)

Jim Roden, Sr.: 6%

Jay Misenheimer: 94%

Hideaway City:

Mayor (unofficial)

Jud Bailiff: 37%

Duane B. Spaeth: 53%

Bill Farrar: 10%

Alderman Place 1 (unofficial)

Pat Bonds: unopposed

Alderman Place 2 (unofficial)

Billie Bynum: 58%

Bill Kashouty: 42%

Cherokee County:

Rusk ISD: (official)

Paul Emerson: 6%

Roy Cazazoz: 19%

Kimberly Beathard: 6%

Tracy Session: 16%

Dana Young: 25%

Kimberly C. Clark: 10%

Jeff Johnson: 19%

Jacksonville Mayor: (runoff)

 Mayor Kenneth Melvin: 389

Rob Gowin: 426

William Igbokwe: 147

Alto ISD: (official results)

School Board Trustees

Lee Pearman: unopposed

Jay Jones: unopposed

Jeff Duplichain: 55%

Crispin Skinner: 45%

Gregg County:

Longview Alcohol: (official)

For: 63%

Against: 37%

Longview Prop. 2 (official)

For: 77%

Against: 23%

Longview Prop. 3 (official)

For: 94%

Against: 6%

Pine Tree ISD:

Trustee Position 5 (official)

John Preston: unopposed

Trustee Position 6 (official)

Ted Beard: unopposed

Trustee Place 3 (unofficial)

Will Adamson: 77%

Barton Lee Owens Sr.: 23%

Trustee Place 4 (official)

Terre Dunn: unopposed

Trustee Place 5 (official)

Charley P. Peck: unopposed

Kilgore City Election: (unofficial)

Ronnie Spradlin: 91.68%

Marc Mathison: 4.71%

Donald H. Gramm: 3.61%

City Council, Place 2 (unofficial)

Harvey McClendon: unopposed

Kilgore ISD Election (unofficial)

School Trustee Place No. 5

Bryan Cole: 46.78%

Karl Riley: 53.22%

School Trustee Place No. 6

Jimmy F. Kinsey Jr.: unopposed

School Trustee Place No. 7

Scott Montgomery: unopposed

Kilgore College Election (unofficial)

College Trustee Place No. 9

Brian K. Nutt: 53.63%

Marion Turner: 46.37%

Spring Hill Bond:

Trustee Place 1 (unofficial)

Claudine Giffin: 54%

Kay Stone Doss: 46%

Trustee Place 2 (unofficial)

Traci L. Wallis: 58%

William Hollas: 42%

Trustee Place 3

Jason Holt: unopposed

Sabine ISD Proposition 1:

For: 66%

Against: 34%

Gladewater ISD:

Trustee Place 1

Jon Rowe: unopposed

Trustee Place 2

Rickie Blackmon: unopposed

Trustee Place 3

William “Slim” Matthew:

Garth Cockerell:

Gilmer ISD

Jeff Rash: unopposed

Mike Tackett: unopposed

Big Sandy ISD

Bonne Reed: unopposed

Garland Harrof: unopposed

Whiteoak ISD:

Trustee Place No.1

David Carr: unopposed

Trustee Place No. 2

Eric Swanson: unopposed 

Upshur County:

City of Gilmer:


R.D. "Buck" Cross: 142

Steve Dean: 62


R.D. "Buck" Cross (i)Proposition 1: Number, Selection and Term of Office (passed)

Proposition 2: Mayor (passed)

Proposition 3: Rules of Procedure (passed)

Proposition 4: Proceeding on Adoption of Budget (passed)

Proposition 5: General Elections (passed)

Proposition 6: Publication of Ordinances (passed)

Proposition 7: City Manager - Powers and Duties (passed)

Proposition 8: Absence of City Manager (passed)

Proposition 9: Fire Chief (passed)

Proposition 10: Failure to Adopt Budget (passed)

Proposition 11: Effective Date of Budget; Certification of copies (passed)

Proposition 12: Budget Establishes Amount to be Raised by Property Tax (passed)

Proposition 13: Filing for Office (passed)

Proposition 14: Oath of Office (passed)

Proposition 15: Charter Review Commission (passed)

Ore City ISD Trustees:

Susan Clubb Camp:

Cindy Phillips:

Wayne Buckner:

Tracy Copeland:

Virginia Harris:

Angelina County:

City of Palestine

Mayor's Race (recount on Monday)

Therrell Thomas: 52%

Timothy Triplett: 48%

City of Elkhart:

City Council

Earl Tatum: 55%

Jack Wright: 45%

Elkhart Independent School District:

Position 3

Steve Ham: 66%

Gary McShan: 34%

Anderson County:

Palestine City Council

District 6

Steve Presley: 75%

Sam Aryanpur: 25%

Palestine Independent School District

Place 3

Dana Staples: 51%

JoJo Dickerson: 49%

Place 4

Rickey Ferguson: 61%

Kenneth R. Jordan: 39%

Place 5

Mitchell W. Jordan: 38%

Janie Sepulveda: 62%

Wood County:

Mineola Mayor:

Ken Pearce: 192

Bo Whitus: 188


Bo Whitus

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Oh, how I would have loved seeing the faces of Joann Flemming and her cadre of angry birds as the TISD bond election tallies came in...give teachers classrooms that inspire students...give students pride not only in what and how they learn, but in the buildings they work and study in for much of their young lives...whatever it takes to give ALL children a head start in becoming well educated, well rounded citizens, is worth the expense.

Smith county property owners looted again through the tax office.

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