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Warning siren still broken months after vehicle knocked it out of commission in Tyler

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 11:12pm

The Outdoor Warning System is a tool cities use to let people know when danger is approaching, but in one part of Tyler, the siren hasn't been working for months, and concerned residents in the area want it fixed.

Back in March, Charles Norrell noticed the warning siren, which was located behind his house at the corner of new Copeland and Paluxy, was no longer there.

"A car had hit ii and malfunctioned it someway, somehow.  Something inside got loose and the city came and they took it down," said Norrell.

He said after a while, he wanted to know why it hadn't been replaced.

"I called the city once, got a return phone call back saying that they're having to order parts from outside the state and said it would take about six to twelve weeks," said Norrell.

Now, at the beginning of July, Norrell says, that time frame isn't in the best interest of his neighborhood.

"It's a security for me and my neighbors and the businesses that are around here, they rely on that if they're working late nights or even during the day you know, it's for them and me," said Norrell.

Other than the siren, people do receive safety notifications on TV, radio, and their phones.  b

But Norrell says he knows many in the area who don't have those options, and rely on the siren, for their line of defense.

"I would like to have it put back up, that's all I'm asking.  Taxpayers are paying for this, I just want it back up.  Six to 12 weeks is too long, but in East Texas, severe weather, tornadoes, it's all year round," said Norrell.

KETK did confirm with the city, they have ordered the part for the siren, and want the siren back up, but are at the mercy of the company they are ordering the part from.

there are two other sirens in the area, which Norrell says you can hear if you are outside, but if you're inside you can't

But as of right now, city officials say, they can only fix the problem as fast as they can get the necessary tools.

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