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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

WARNING: This story could get ugly

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 7:38pm

It's about time for all those Christmas parties. There's usually the traditional secret Santa gift exchange, Christmas cookie decorating party, or Christmas movie watching parties. But, this year there is a trend sweeping the nation and we want to warn you, it can get ugly.

People usually try to look their best at holiday parties, this year, tacky is in. For some, Christmas sweaters are a thing of the past, for others they're considered a gold mine.

One East Texas shopper said, "Find the ugliest sweater you can find!" Some people didn't plan on getting them, but got one as a present! Christmas sweater owner, Chris Wooten, said, "There was one Christmas we had I was in New York, and it was really tacky cause a friend gave me that sweater and I was like oh wow!" Ugly Christmas sweater parties are a growing trend for all ages. Wooten said, "I never grew out of it, you never grow out of being a child." Every year people look for what some would consider "out of style" and turn into the hit of the party.

The area manager of the Goodwill in Tyler, Darlene Rawlinson, said, "In fact when we put this display up we had people grabbing five or six at a time bringing them to office parties or whatever's going on, its really neat the way that they're doing it." Tis' the season for ugly Christmas sweaters, no matter how tacky or extremely festive these sweaters might be..they scream Christmas spirit!" Rawlinson said she's seen people buy them in bulk and sell them on EBay. One group out of Indiana happened to make a business out of just that.

Adam Paulson co-founded and for the past four years they have been shipping ugly Christmas sweaters around the world. Paulson said, "We purchased a bunch of sweaters from Goodwill put them on a site and they sold out the next day." He says, "This allows everyone to throw on an ugly sweater, let loose and have a good time!" Rawlinson says, "they're so ugly, they're pretty."

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