Weather affecting travel plans for East Texans

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 7:54pm

Recent weather has ruined air travel all over the country by causing delays and cancellations. It's affected business and leisure travel for those trying to depart or return from Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

Janet Bohan left Nacogdoches at 1:30AM to drive to Tyler Tuesday morning to board.

Bohan tells us she was suppose to depart at 5:30AM and fly to Houston, then head to California for a business meeting Wednesday morning, well that didn't happen.

Bohan even got a ride to the airport. When she arrived at 3:30AM this is what happened.

"They told me my plane has been delayed and then said it was canceled," said Bohan. She had to get a ride back home because her business meeting is rescheduled for late January.

Josh Simpson arrived at Tyler Pounds and tells us what he's been through to finally get back to Tyler. Simpson who is from Tyler and in the Navy and stationed in Japan was trying to fly out of Seattle, WA.

"Before I can come back home on the 5th, I got an email that my flight had been canceled due to inclimate weather in Seattle, and so I canceled my ticket from Seattle to Dallas," said Simpson.

He got a ticket from San Francisco to Dallas and the next day when he was trying to fly out he ran into another problem.

"I get to San Francisco and my my plane breaks down, and they couldn't get another because they had to send it to Seattle, because of the weather, so I sat in San Francisco for about 8 hours, and I finally get to Dallas around 9:00 last night and then drove to Tyler," said Simpson.

Simpson couldn't fly into Tyler because they didn't have any flights.

Airport Manager Davis Dickson says, all the delays at the mainline airports in Dallas and Houston have made it difficult for East Texas travelers using Tyler Pounds for departure and returns.

"It's been minimal here at Tyler, we've seen just occasional delays maybe cancellations, but I've been pretty pleased, it seems like things are going really well here," said Dickson.

American Airlines released a statement to KETK.

"Conditions are improving at American’s airports in the Midwest and Northeast. Today we have canceled approximately 100 mainline flights and approximately 275 regional flights".

American Airlines strongly encourage travelers to check with the airlines for travel times just to be safe.



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