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Fetus discovered in Texas park laid to rest

Fetus discovered in Texas park laid to rest
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Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 5:16pm

The fetus that was discovered in Travis White Park on February 13th was laid to rest by the Knights of Columbus Thursday afternoon.

The medical examiner's report released to us on Thursday give few clues as to how the fetus came to the east side park, adjacent to Eastwood Knolls School the evening before Valentine's Day. The report indicates that the fetus was human, and was estimated to be approximately 17 weeks gestation, which would indicate the mother of the fetus was in the second trimester of her pregnancy at the time of its death. According to, the approximate size of a 17 week fetus is about the size of a turnip.

The fetus discovered in Travis White Park weighed 70 grams (2.4 oz) and measured 16 cm (6.69 inches) long, however due to the dryness and early mummification of the fetus, the weight could have been slightly modified. The medical examiner said the fetus still had a segment of the umbilical cord attached at the time of its discovery, but they were unable to determine the sex of the fetus. No official manner of death was determined for the fetus and no one came forward to claim it as their own.

The remains were released to the Catholic Diocese of El Paso, which has since named the fetus 'Baby Socorro.'  Thursday, Bishop Mark Seitz of the El Paso Diocese presided over a service for Baby Socorro at Mt. Caramel Cemetery in far east El Paso.

We will have a full report on tonight during our 5pm and 6pm newscast. 

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