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National angel food cake day

National angel food cake day
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 5:18pm

(CNN) -- Today's food holiday gives you wings! October 10 is National Angel Food Cake Day.

Angel food cake, also called silver cake or cornstarch cake, is a relative of the sponge cake. It's thought that the light and airy cake was invented by the Pennsylvania Dutch because they were the first to mass produce bakeware, including the specialized pan used to make angel food cake.

Angel food cake contains no fat (meaning no butter, cream or egg yolks). In order to achieve the leavening, egg whites are whipped with cream of tartar until they look like meringue. The egg whites are combined with cake flour, sugar and salt then poured into a tube pan. The shape of the pan is important because the tube in the middle allows the cake to rise higher than it would without it. It's also advised to cool the cake in the pan, upside down, to prevent it from collapsing on you.

The original angel food cake recipe wasn't flavored in any way to preserve the angelic white color (hence the name), but nowadays lemon or other citrus fruit flavors are common. And while this type of cake isn't traditionally iced, it is usually drizzled with a flavored glaze.

If you're more of a chocolate fan, you can always try the angel food cake's opposite - devil's food cake.

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