Oklahoma business celebrates Westboro Baptist Church founder's death

Oklahoma business celebrates Westboro Baptist Church founder's death
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POSTED: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 1:10pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 10:53am

An Oklahoma business will protest one of the most infamous groups in America, Westboro Baptist Church, by selling discounted liquor to celebrate the death of Fred Phelps, the church's founder.

Moore Liquor, located in Moore, Oklahoma, is known for its humorous and off-color marquee signs, according to the Tulsa World paper.

The store owner, Bryan Kerr, said Phelps'' death is cause for celebration. He's now offering 10-percent off champagne, a common celebratory drink.

The controversial church is known for anti-gay picket lines and protests at military funerals.

"If they choose to celebrate the passing of a little hate from this world, they can do so and we're happy to oblige here at Moore liquor," said Kerr.

 The 84-year-old Phelps died last week of natural causes. After his death was announced, the Westboro Baptist Church criticized the media for "gleefully anticipating the death." 

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The worst thing about that old hate monger, is how he identified his group as "Baptist". People like him give God a bad reputation. And drive people away from church. My parents raised me in the Baptist faith, and I assure you all that the actions of this man and his church, contradict everything I was taught.

phelps' little clan knew that if they had any kind of funeral for this crackpot "pastor" all heck would break loose...payback is, well, you know...and for all the disgusting protests his band of malcontents conducted, the deafening shouts, taunts, ridicule and, again, payback, would have set his little "church" on fire without the benefit of a match...one can only hope his followers, infected with his incestuous dealings and miserable antics, will crawl away and burrow into the ground someplace.

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