Oklahoma man goes on a high heel heist

Oklahoma man goes on a high heel heist
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Friday, March 8, 2013 - 8:47pm

An Oklahoma man is in jail after shoplifting a pair of high heels.

High heels are generally viewed as a woman's accessory but not one man in Edmond.

Surveillance video caught a suspect on camera in the act of shoplifting from a Super Target.

The man, known as Sylas Schmiedel, 18, came into the store barefoot and went to the women's section and picked out a pair of women's high-heeled shoes.

Schmiedel then put them on and walked around the store in the shoes.

But as soon as he tried to leave, loss prevention officers jumped into action and Schmiedel was arrested.

When questioned, Schmiedel told officers he was stealing the shoes because he was going to use them for a drag show.

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