TX MAN STRUCK TWICE BY LIGHTNING: 'I give everything to God'

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Monday, October 28, 2013 - 3:40pm

There's an old saying, "lightning doesn't strike in the same place."

But, one Texas man may disagree after his frightening experience.

As a rodeo clown, Casey Wagner, 31, has always stared fear in the face.

But, it was mother nature who literally brought him to his knees after he was struck by lightning, twice.

Severe weather poured down on a "Rednecks with Paychecks" event just west of Gainesville that Wagner was attending Saturday, where drivers go off-roading at huge camp sites.

Wagner and his two friends searched for cover under a tree when lightning struck.

He says he felt electricity shoot up through his boot and then shot up through here and then went across my chest and came out about here. I had discoloration where it would have popped out.

A nurse who was nearby kept him calm until he was transported by ambulance to Nacona General Hospital.

At the hospital they said the poncho he was wearing was carrying static because it was made of plastic. Wagner initially lost feeling in right leg and at the exit point on his left arm.

He is still shaky and jittery, but miraculously, that was the extent of his injuries.

He says only one thing could have kept him alive, "I give everything to God," said Wagner. "I owe everything to him, he's the one that kept me alive."

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