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Unbe'WEAVE'able: ETX woman suing Tyson after weave gets caught in machinery

Unbe'WEAVE'able: ETX woman suing Tyson after weave gets caught in machinery
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POSTED: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 3:47pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 9:18am

A Marshall woman is suing Tyson Foods after an overhead hook caught her hair weave and dragged her down the assembly line.

The plaintiff, Betty Josephine Stoker, worked at Tyson in Carthage as a chicken processor, and alleges that on June 25, 2012, she was told to leave her station where she pulled chicken livers to help a colleague in the overhead packing area of the plant.
Stoker said the new duty was to assist the other worker in unpacking frozen poultry and place it on metal shackles hanging overhead that are used to move the chicken’s body through the plant.

“Plaintiff had never worked this job before and she was never given any training or instructions how to safely perform the job assignment,” the suit claims.

She was struck in the head by a shackle, and the hook on the shackle caught the hairpiece she was wearing and dragged her down the line by the head and neck, according to the suit.

“Plaintiff called out for help as she was being lifted off her feet by the overhead shackle, but for some unknown reason, no one on the floor immediately pulled the cord used to stop the movement of the overhead line in an emergency,” the suit states.

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