VIDEO: Man hangs on to hood of car after hit-and-run

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 10:50am

Dazed and confused, that is how witnesses are describing a woman who drove for several miles with a man on the hood of her car after a hit-and-run in Georgia.

Brian Nixon and his wife were were among several witnesses who watched in horror as Elton Kim clung onto a speeding car.

Nixon said he followed the woman to a stoplight, then tried to box her in, but she was able to get away after Kim hopped off the hood.

Kim told us he was confronting the woman after she backed into his wife's truck.

He says she accelerated at him and his instinct was to jump.

Witness, Jim Meyer, said he saw the altercation, then started recording it on his cell.

Kim told authorities the driver tried to get him off the hood by slamming accelerator and the brakes.

Kim said he was able to hold on for so long because his fingers were caught in the hood.

Authorities are still searching for the driver.


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