VIDEO: TX gay couple kicked out of country western club for dancing

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POSTED: Monday, December 23, 2013 - 11:36am

UPDATED: Friday, January 3, 2014 - 6:33pm

A Texas couple says they were discriminated against at a country Western club, because they're gay, but, the club's owner says, the club was just following its policy, Nicole Hickl has the story.

Justin Meyer and James Douglas just wanted to take a spin around the dance floor at the Cactus Country Club Saturday night, instead, they were asked to leave.

Justin Meyer, "I feel like it's complete discrimination. I don't understand."

An openly gay couple, they say they were discriminated against and issued a no trespassing warning, simply because they were dancing together.

James Douglas, "He told me they have a policy that states that they don't allow males to dance with males to country songs. I said just country, and he said yes."

The couple says they were told they weren't allowed to dance together because they were men and for security reasons.

Justin Meyer, "I said will you please show me your policy but he kept brushing it under the table."

We talked with Roger Gearhart, a corporate spokesperson for Cactus Canyon, about the policy, "For many decades it's acceptable for women to dance together in all kind of clubs... But it's not acceptable for men to dance together in the type of business that we run."

Gearhart says they do in fact have a policy prohibiting men from dancing together, but he says the couple was asked to leave because of the confrontation not because of their sexual orientation.

Justin and James say they believe that's exactly why they were asked to leave, "Why should we feel like we are afraid to go out in public just because of the way we were born."

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suz never ceases to live down to the level of a Neanderthal reject...wonder what you would do if your son or daughter adopted a lifestyle you opposed? Disown, of out of town, certainly. People who "come out of the closet", though you may not believe it, have to have backbones of steel to face the barrage of holier-than-thou tripe and hatred folks like suz regurgitate. Remember, suz...the words of Pope Frances...WHO AM I TO JUDGE? Pray for your own soul, need HIS help.

The way they were born? Give me a break, while some might have been born that way most of this unnatural behavior is learned. There is nothing to respect about their perverted lifestyle, nothing, its sick. Let them go to a gay bar, not a place where normal people go, we don't want to see it.

The club owner probably did these guys a favor. The club may not have been able to provide adequate security to keep patrons from turning on them. News flash guys drunk rednecks are not reasonable people. No one has to accept your life style. Just like GLAD and A&E, don't accept Phil Robertsons beliefs. Gays are in the minority. Face the facts, we're not going to rewrite the bible to make you feel better. There are plenty of places for these guys to go drink and dance.

The club in question is not a Private Club with membership and fees, but an ordinary saloon which is PUBLIC. As such, they were wrong to remove them from the premises for simply dancing together. I hope the owner's get sued into next Tuesday for this. I am not gay but will defend anyone who is wronged as these two obviously were.

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