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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

VIDEO: U.S. Congressman invites clown who mocked President Obama to perform in Texas

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POSTED: Friday, August 16, 2013 - 12:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 19, 2013 - 10:39am

A Republican U.S. Congressman from Texas has a message for the controversial rodeo clown who wore a President Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair.

Representative Steve Stockman says the unnamed clown is welcome to perform in his state.

It comes after the clown was banned from the Missouri State Fair following backlash from the performance.

The clown wore a mask in the likeness of the President at a rodeo performance Saturday with a broom handle stuck up his backside.

An announcer then asked the audience if it would like to see President Obama run over by a bull.

Fair officials have apologized for the stunt and called it "unacceptable."

But, Stockman called the performance "a harmless gag."

No word if the clown will accept Stockman's offer.

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THANK YOU, GINA!! But look at it this way...the relatively few of us who are open-minded, respectful, pro-American, rational, etc., are in the wrong place. Texas, East Texas, and especially the Tyler area are hotbeds of racist, radical, right-of-right, tea whiner, I/me/mine, gun worshiping folks who really should sign the petition to secede from the US. And do you know where these folks go on Sundays? They're in the front pew in church every Sunday, and mean as snakes come Monday morning!!

To twist Freud, sometimes a mask is just a mask. I was student in the Dallas Independent School District the year Judge Barefoot Sanders ended segregation. Some people make a living, from keeping racism alive. The news media seemed to be inciting racial tension with their recent coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

I see it for what it is. Total disrespect for the President of the U.S.A. People are now made up of: No Manners, no common sense, no dignity, no honor, no respect, just large wasteful balls of S----T walking around. Oh, Karma, I wait in patience to see you do your thing. Smiles on my face! :D

It was a joke like when clowns did same thing to H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush. Obama people MEDIA AND DNC need to get over it. Obama needs to thicken up his thin skin.

Look, the whole thing is stupid.

Now they had Halloween mask for Hillary, Bill, Bush, Carter, etc... for DECADES. Nixon and Ford to. They have laughed at Presidents since Washington (well maybe not Washington but..)

And here I see the NAACP is demanding this Rodeo incident be considered a HATE CRIME.

How stupid and racist.

I don't go to Rodeos but if this guy comes here I just might to spite the racist who demand everyone shut up and not say anything negative to Obama.

I see it for what is is. Obama is a clown. Biggest joke to ever hit DCm

Spoken like a true repub/tea sipper/whiner, bbanks. God forbid the day one of your right-of-right clowns ever sees the inside of the Oval Office or you'll witness, first hand, radical put into high gear, the Constitution re-written by ultra-conservative revisionists, and Big Brother even more powerful, intrusive, divisive and cruel to those who don't fit the rich and powerful mold. The biggest jokes to hit DC? Try cruz, gomer, mcconnell, boehner, paul, ryan, cornyn, and on and on and on..

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