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Women arrested in Oregon for twerking and urinating in public

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 5:21pm

Three women were arrested for disorderly conduct Tuesday in Beaverton, Oregon. Police moved in when they started "twerking" outside a courthouse, Jamie Wilson reports more charges were filed once police investigated further.

Beaverton police took these three women to jail after a routine day in court took a bizarre turn. Police say Christiane Coura-Velaszquez came to Municipal Court to pay fine.

She brought her two friends and when the women left, police say they started twerking outside the courtroom windows lifting up their skirts and exposing themselves.

Then officials say Brittany Medak urinated between two cars in the parking lot. City Hall employees saw them in action and contacted police. As the women drove off, an officer followed and pulled them over nearby.

Court records show Medak was behind the wheel and admitted she peed in the parking lot saying she had a bladder infection. Police say they smelled marijuana and Medak agreed to let them search the car. 

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