Wells citizens plan to stand up to the Church of Wells


POSTED: Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 5:49pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 12:39pm

Since they arrived in East Texas three years ago, the Church of Wells has been surrounded by controversy.

But after an altercation at a parade last week, the people of the town are saying enough is enough.

Jeffry Brotherton is just one of many who say they are tired of being silent when it comes to the church of wells.

So Saturday afternoon, they plan to stage a protest outside one of the church's places of business, and let the church know exactly how they feel.

"Since they're able to use the law of freedom of speech and be able to say what they need to, then we can actually use the freedom of speech law and get our gospel out there in the way that us citizens actually feel," said Brotherton.

So at 1:30 PM  he is asking those who support his position to meet at the old closed down Dairy Queen building at the corner of Highway 69 and Second Street.

From there, they plan to march down the road to the R&R Mercantile meat market and gas station, which is owned by church members.

"Letting the Church of Wells people know that we're not gonna sit back and take the way that they've been doing our children and elderly anymore," said Brotheron.

He says it's frustrating to know when most people hear about the town he now calls home, they immediately think about the church and its recent actions.

He hopes, after Saturday's protest, the people of Wells will have a different reputation.

"We just want to put it back straight to where, you know, our community is finally a community again and not torn in several different ways," said Brotherton.

In response, the Church of Wells released a lengthy statement, claiming all of their actions have been out of love for the people in their community.

It also stated they will consult God, to see if they should meet the protestors at the old Dairy Queen before they march.

It also contained references to the group willing to be martyrs, if any situation came to that.

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