Wells community members planning another protest against Church of Wells


POSTED: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 11:16pm

Another protest against the Church of Wells is scheduled for May 24.

4-year-old Kylie Brotherton still has nightmares over what happened at the Wells homecoming parade.

"Someone yelled at me"

It's been about a month, and Kylie still has vivid memories about the man who yelled at her.

"They said there's darkness and stuff."

"If she sees anyone that resembles the guy coming towards us, she grabs a hold of me and squeezes me because she thinks someone is going to take her," said protest organizer Jeffry Brotherton.

Brotherton arranged the first protest for his daughter and other kids that were frightened by the Church of Wells members.

"Eventually they're finally going to realize this town may be small and it might not have very many community members in it, but they're not backing down. They're not giving up to our ways and they're finally going to realize they do need to move on somewhere else or we need to stop the ways we're doing," said Brotherton.

And now, they're planning many more.

"People were saying, have you all given up on us or are y'all stopping and we're pretty much letting people know we haven't given up on them and still fight for our rights and everything we can," said Brotherton.

"I'm actually in the process of starting to set up a website to where I can have families from other towns and states that have also had occurances with these people trying to cope with children or the elderly from what these people have told them."

Kylie's grandma Patricia Brotherton feels they didn't get their message out during the first protest.

She said they're going to continue to have the protests until their message rings loud and clear.

"The protest was supposed to be for us and have our say, but they made it more about the bible and it wasn't about that it's not about religion. The only win in a situation like this is undoing the damage they did to those kids and you can't do that," said Patricia Brotherton.

We tried contacting the Church of Wells, but they didn't return our phone calls.

Even after the protest, we were told Wells ISD goes on lockdown when a Church of Wells member comes near one of their campuses. Some people who live in Wells said even after their protest of the church a few weeks ago, they are going to keep standing against the Church of Wells until there is some sort of resolution.

We're told the school is taking measures and locking down whenever a member is near. The Wells ISD superintendent would not go on camera, but he said they have emergency lockdown procedures in place whenever the school feels threatened. The superintendent said they have not used this procedure when a Church of Wells member is around.

But, there is a street that runs through their campus where elementary school kids have to cross to get to the gym.Some parents said, since approaching the principals about their concern over the Church of Wells members saying something to their children, a teacher is now always crossing the street with them, even with the high school students.

"I went and spoke to the principals at the high school and middle school, and I informed them, I'm kind of worried because of my child's safety and well being because they do live right near our schools. The principals had informed me that they have started a deal where teachers are walking with students from class to class and all the doors and the school, after everybody's in their classroom, stays locked," said Jeffry Brotherton.

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