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Wendy Davis files for Texas governor

Wendy Davis files for Texas governor
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POSTED: Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 5:33pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 1:25pm

Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis's formal Texas gubernatorial campaign kicked off with the filing of campaign documents Saturday, the first day she was able to do so.

According to CNN affiliate KVUE, Davis and her likely Republican opponent, state Attorney General Greg Abbott, each filed campaign paperwork in Austin.

Davis is seeking the Democratic nomination to replace Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who has said he will not seek a fourth term. There is speculation that Perry will instead make another bid for the White House in 2016 after his 2008 campaign imploded.

The Texas Secretary of State lists November 9 as the first day for primary filing in the state, with the period running through December 9.

Davis first announced her intentions to seek the governor's office at the beginning of October.

"All of you deserve to have your voices heard. Because our future is brightest when it's lit by everyone's star," Davis said at the time. "That's why today, I am proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th governor of this great state."

Davis is riding a wave of liberal popularity after her June filibuster against a Texas abortion bill gained national attention. Davis managed to temporarily block passage of the law that later passed in a special session and is currently facing a legal challenge.

Davis has so far established her campaign based around issues such as accessible health care and education.

Her opponent has built a reputation as a staunch conservative. First elected Attorney General in 2002, Abbott has defended socially conservative causes during his tenure. These include pushing for the display of a Ten Commandments monument of the grounds of the Texas Capitol in 2005.

Abbott also has sued the Obama administration more than 25 times, including the case that led to the landmark Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, last year.

Despite her name recognition, Davis faces an uphill battle for the governorship in a deep red state Mitt Romney carried 57% in 2012 to President Barack Obama's 41%. No Democrat has won the state's highest office since Ann Richards did so in 1990. 

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If republicans don't like the idea of Ms. Davis being Governor maybe they should nominate a viable candidate. The 6 million people in Texas who don't have insurance might remember that Texas republicans denied them coverage under expanded medicaid and vote accordingly. It's been 3 years since the ACA passed where is Perry's plan? Where is Cruz's plan? The real plan for republicans is to keep 8% of the population making minimum wage and 25% uninsured. It's good for business.

To "whatthehey", et al...unless you all join your wives/daughters/mothers/aunts/sisters in the voter's booth (the vote is PRIVATE), you can only pray that one or all of these women haven't been listening to the Texas war on women's bodies, which just might make the women in your lives decide the day of the good ol' boy network is over. I WILL dream of the day when a level-headed woman trumps the male mentality that demands to ruin the economy and rule women's bodies...see you at the polls.

So little miss abortion is gonna try.

She has a snowballs chance in hades.

Texas won't let a Democrat turn this state into another California.

Hope she brings in Obama and Pelosi to campaign for her.

Foe a matter of FACT deaf, Texas republicans have been killing texas' children (that are outside of the womb) for years with their poverty increasing policies. Texas has the highest CHILD DEATH RATE IN AMERICA DUE TO POVERTY AND the 3 rd highest poverty rate in America thanks to Tx Republicans.
Yup move your business to Tx and we repubs will guarentee low wages for you for years. Tx has more minimum wage jobs than any state in the US. Keep supporting the killing of Tx kids by republicans.

Wendy " the illegal alien activist " Davis will turn this state upside down alright, and fill it up with illegals as that is all Democrats care about, that and sticking their noses into Americans personal business. She will do for Texas what Obummer has done to the USA, do more damage than all the terrorists combined and put a world of hurt on all Americans. I believe that Americans have had their fill of Democrats and their destruction of this country. The evidence is everywhere for all to see.

Wow , where did you get your info at. Todd Staples actualy voted in the legislature to give illegals Tx DLs and in-state tuition rates at or colleges. Perry vetoed the DL bill that passed both republican houses but signed into law the in-state tuition rates for illegals. Where are the Dems in that? In Fact the last time Tx had a balanced budget, a surplus and NO BOND DEBT was when the Dems controlled or state. Repubs have ran our debt through the roof.

GAME ON!! Now, let's see if we can turn Texas BLUE...and with t-partiers and repubs splitting voters, watch what's going to happen when people, and especially women, vote. Wendy Davis is going to turn this state upside down!!

To Pete---

Dream On!

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