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What's next for the loyal Lon Morris students?


POSTED: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 3, 2012 - 11:58am

The fiasco at Lon Morris College reached an unfortunate low point last week when it was announced that the historic junior college wouldn't be able to open in the fall like they originally thought.

So the question is -- what happens to those loyal Lon Morris students that now have no where to go?

There are other junior colleges for East Texas students to go to, like Jacksonville College -- a 5 minute drive from Lon Morris -- and Tyler Junior College -- about 30 minutes away.  And they're both welcoming those Lon Morris students with open arms.

Today, KETK spoke with both Jacksonville College and TJC.

A TJC representative tells us they were given a list of students by Lon Morris that needed help, so they reached out to them.

Most students who are waiting on financial aid will begin classes during the 12 week session in September...others who can pay now...are starting now.

A Jacksonville College representative tells KETK, they've registered between 35 and 40 Lon Morris students and they're making the transition as easy as possible.

"We've actually waived the registration fee to kind of help with their situation and so...just one way that we can kind of get them in and continue their education," said David Pittman with Jacksonville College.

The TJC folks say they are expecting around 20 or more Lon Morris students to enroll there at some point...and if Lon Morris is able to open back up in the Spring and students wish to go back, they'll help them with that too.

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Trinity Valley Community College in Athens is only 30 minutes away also.

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