What's your favorite Super Bowl food?

Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 9:05pm

What is the Super Bowl without all the good food that comes with it? We asked East Texans and people around our station what their favorite Super Bowl food is.

Of course what's the favorite? Wings, dips and lots of junk food.

"My mom's queso," said Fox 51 anchor Rachel Hackbarth.

People tell us wings are their favorite.

"BBQ hot wings they're sweet, they're spicy and it's chicken. You can never go wrong with chicken," said KETK photographer Greg Townsend.

Of course we had to ask sports lovers at KETK what they eat!

"Make sure you get your basic food groups obviously hot wings, melted cheese and as much sugar as you can possibly jam into every serving," said KETK sports reporter Phil Kuchinsky.

"The most important thing you have got to have at a Super Bowl, you've got to have the dips. I don't care if its cheese dip, I don't care if its hot sauce or guacamole bean dip especially as well," said KETK reporter Garrett Sanders.

"The Super Bowl is a time to eat whatever fits on my couch that's where I'm eating that's what I eat," said KETK sports anchor Danny Elzner.

And what about the....girls?

"What's the question? Super Bowl snacks? Does a Starbucks chai latte count as a snack," said KETK reporter Alexa Vogue.

"I think the best Super Bowl snack is just a big fruit tray with strawberries and blueberries and raspberries,"  said KETK reporter Stacey Spivey.

"A good fruit dip is always appreciated," said Vogue.  

"It's not necessary. This is America we don't need fruit and vegetables some people bring celery for their hot wings but that's more of a garnish really," said Sanders.  

All and all everyone is excited for the food and the game.

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