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When did Perry decide?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 5:11pm

Governor Rick Perry is now out of a race for the top job in Austin.
But has he already made the decision to set his sights higher?
The Governor was a bit coy about his future plans, saying they were still up in the air.
But one veteran reporter says, the Governor has known for months what he wants to do.
He wants the White House.
We all know now what the big Rick Perry announcement was.
He won’t run for a 4th term as Governor.
The question now is, why?
Legendary Washington reporter Tom DeFrank of the National Journal says he knows.
Texas Republicans tell him Perry will run for President…again.
The last go around was generally viewed as a disaster.
So what will be different in 2016?
Perry is said to have told friends the ‘Oops” moment wasn’t the big issue. Getting in the race late was.
DeFrank also says that Perry’s popularity, never huge, was slipping, and he would be beaten in a race against Attorney General Greg Abbott.
And one Republican fund raiser says, “Nobody becomes President who just lost his last race.”
So, is Perry stepping down before declining poll numbers hurt his Presidential run?
DeFrank says yes.
He says Texas Republicans told him… “Perry is stepping down to make sure his declining popularity among Texas Republicans won't complicate his Oval Office ambitions.”
But most of Perry’s top campaign aids, and more importantly, sources of cash, have now gravitated to Abbott.
And one fund raiser says that trying to raise money as a lame duck is doubly hard.
So, will he or won’t he?
And if the answer is yes, was it decided months ago.

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