White bass season is soon approaching

Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 10:57pm

If you find yourself on the Neches River, just off Highway 31 near Chandler, you'll probably run into anglers such as Josh Daniel.

"I fish pretty much any day I have free time, for at least three or four days a week," said Daniel while sitting in his fishing boat.

On this day, he was  looking for the often not so elusive white, or sand bass.

"Come out here to catch a little bass, a little sand bass, a little early but, give it a shot anyway," said Daniel who had been fishing for three hours, without catching anything.

Daniel may have been on the waters a bit early, but he was definitely in the right spot.

"What they're really waiting for is a slug of rain to come down to get them to run up the river and spawn," said Richard Ott with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

And once they make make it to the Neches, along with other East Texas waterways, they practically jump on your lure.

"Because they are a schooling fish and because they're moving in a migration type pattern up the river, when you do find that one spot that concentrates the fish you'll catch a whole lot," explained Ott.

The day bag limit is 25, but many enjoy the ease with which they are to find, along with the challenge of reeling them in.

"They put up a pretty good fight even though for their size," said Daniel.

So the white bass may not be here yet, but when they do, be sure to hit the river early.

"It's all kinds of fun, you'll join a couple hundred people at least," said Daniel.

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