White presses Perry again to debate

White presses Perry again to debate

POSTED: Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 2:24pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 13, 2010 - 7:22pm

AUSTIN -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White is again pressing Republican Gov. Rick Perry to debate, but Perry says White first must release more financial records.

White pushed the issue as both appeared Thursday before the Texas Association of Broadcasters.

White says Perry's handlers don't want him to have to answer questions in a debate.

Perry says White needs to reveal his tax returns from the years he was deputy energy secretary in the 1990s and suggested he may be hiding something. White has released income tax returns from his years as Houston mayor, since 2004.

White contends his finances are open to scrutiny through financial disclosure reports. He says Perry isn't as transparent as he seems by putting assets in a blind trust because they are hidden from public view.

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Ricky... White’s tax records have NOTHING to do with debating him and if you insist, where’s Dewhurst’s tax records...? I mean, if “tax records" are so important... you becoming a millionaie as a state employee raises boat-loads more questions about YOUR integrity, ricky...

So back to the debates. If you weren’t scared sh*tless and totally unprepared, you wouldn’t be throwing out these stupid and irrelevant “reason” for not debating Bill White.

1. We deserve to hear what you have to say as opposed to Bill White.

2. We deserve to hear you answer, along with Bill White, questions so we can compare.
3. We deserve to see how you respond along side your opponent, without the prepared half-truths you have your staff feed to the media.
4. We deserve to hear you on stage, along side Bill White, without your handlers filtering anything, answers to questions so that we can jusde your veracity.

5. We deserve to see & hear if you really have any cojones along side your opponent.

If you can’t do that Ricky without throwing out mindless obstacles, then maybe you’ll have something worth listening to.

Or have you forgot how to do that being in office for so long?

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