Wild Hog Capital of Texas featured in 'Texas Highways' travel magazine


POSTED: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 5:54pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 11, 2014 - 1:47pm

One East Texas city known as Wild Hog capital of Texas is getting national attention. Ben Wheeler made the April issue of "Texas Highways" which is a travel magazine of Texas. The list is 'Texas Top 40' of places to visit and Ben Wheeler placed #21.

It's no surprise why the historic city Ben Wheeler has made made the list. What was once considered a ghost town in 2008 is now the place to be. We spoke with Ben Wheeler Economic Development about the honor. "Now to have it up and running with shops and two restaurants; Moore's and the forge bistro, live music on the weekends I think that is what spread the word," said Veronica Terres.

Meredith Mendenhall is from Dallas and comes to Ben Wheeler because of property and says it's her favorite place to come and enjoy life.

The small city between Dallas and Tyler is something special. "What Brooks Gremmels started in 2008 was to revitalized this town to bring it back to life there was literally nothing here," said Terres.

The Pollards of Tyler come to ben wheeler every week to dine and dance. "We enjoy this great restaurant the Forge, the food is delicious, I'm just have a homemade potato chips and a rooster sandwich, this is good food and a honkytonk atmosphere and it's a fun place to come."

Residents say, the city keeps growing and has turned into a music mecca. "There's a lot of people that haven't heard about us or be in the top ten, 21 is ok I guess," said Joseph Drew.

"I'm just so excited that the rest of the world is realizing what a really great thing we have here and we are being discovered and we are going to continue to grow and we are going to continue to raise the bar and you're going to hear a lot more from Ben Wheeler," said Marsha Taylor, owner of the Secret Garden store.

If you would like to learn more about Ben Wheeler's Street Dance and Crawfish Boil please click the link below:


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I lived in Ben Wheeler for many years. It looks sooooo much better now. Mr. Howard Walker would be proud of the way the Ben Wheeler looks. The Forge is where he worked so many years as a blacksmith. Knew him well. He would be very pleased with the way his former shop looks now. Mr. Walker later moved to his house just a short distance away. Dr. Ogilvie once practiced medicine there. Brooks bought his ranch. Arc Ridge.

Why can't you use proper writing rules when posting these things. Do not proper nouns, names of town, get capitilized any nmore. Doest ketk need an editor for this type of thing?

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