Will Texas be next?


POSTED: Monday, April 26, 2010 - 6:08pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 10:33am

     TYLER-While opponents of Arizona's tough new immigration law are protesting, many back here in Texas wonder how or if this new law will affect us. Two well-known Texas politicians tell us, they think our state will be the next to pass a similar law.

     The ink is not even dry from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's signature on what some say is the most extreme immigration bill in history.

     But that's not stopping Texans from wondering if we should be next.

     With the 2009 voter id bill still fresh on the minds of lawmakers in Austin, many might try and avoid a similar law for now because of the outcry in what some said would have lead to racial profiling if it would have passed.

     But according to Representative Leo Berman, he doesn't mind the heat. Berman told us he's already busy drafting two bill that he plans on bringing to the floor as soon as the session starts up.

     "If Congress won't do it, we will do it," Representative Berman said.

     The first bill would require every candidate, including the president and vice-president, to present the secretary of state credentials showing that they are a natural born citizen of the United States.

     The other bill Representative Berman is drafting is almost identical to the one just passed in Arizona.

     But while Rep. Berman will be pushing forward, Governor Rick Perry told us Saturday first things first, secure the border then we can talk.

     "So Washington, we're still waiting for our national guard troops, send them down here, then we'll talk about immigration reform," Governor Rick Perry said.

     Still many say the effects of the Arizona bill are sure to be felt here in Texas if nothing is done, including hundreds of thousands of immigrants once bound for Arizona changing course and heading here instead.

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ILLEGAL aliens steal our tax money since we are forced to give them education and health care (emergency room care). In Texas and Arizona most of the ILLEGALS are Hispanic (a reality). Mexican drug dealers are threatening legal citizens with bodily harm in Texas and Arizona.If a man walks into a bank with a ski mask on (his appearance), isn't it prudent to stop him and ask what his intentions are? Does he intend to steal from the bank?

What part of ILLEGAL do our lawmakers not understand?

I surely hope so. With literally thousands headed for Texas since the law in Arizona was signed, I see no alternative. Our hand is forced.

Check out the national stats...yes, a federal law has been in place for a good while and the police despise it because it has effectively cost them their useful informants without whom they can do little. This is knee-jerk stuff and, while we all want relief and a solution, this ain't it.

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