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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

Will Texas need to create its own solution for border security?

Will Texas need to create its own solution for border security?

POSTED: Monday, June 16, 2014 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 10:22am

Over Father's Day weekend, Texans started a petition urging Governor Rick Perry to deal with Texas border security. In just 30 hours, this petition gathered over 1,000 signatures. These supporters believe that if the federal government cannot secure the border, than Texas should find a solution on its own.   

In 2014 more than 140,000 illegal immigrants will be captured, crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. KETK spoke with Texas District 6 Representative Matt Schaeffer, who said, "We are making every request and plea that the law will allow, for action to be taken immediately on the border".

However unlike previous years, a large portion of this group are unaccompanied minors. The U.S. Custom and Border Protection Agency estimates it's a 248-percent increase from 2013. Schaeffer said, "This may be happening on the border but it effects us right here in Tyler and Smith County". Schaeffer said this will cost East Texas tax payers millions in healthcare alone. It will also provide easy access to drugs, and could even spread infectious diseases.

Schaeffer explained, "There's a tremendous amount of drugs coming through right now. The cartels are using the children that are coming across as decoys and as a distraction". 

In order to secure the border, it will cost Texas $67 million. Schaeffer recommends, "The Texas Department of Public Safety can do what's called a surge, where they begin saturation patrols along the border". Thus D.P.S. will aid Border Patrol, so the cartels cannot sneak through. 

Longview District 6 Representative, David Simpson, is even planning a trip to see the situation first-hand. Simpson said, "It's good that people want to come to the United States, we just want them to come in an orderly manner". 

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I'm afraid we will have to. If it means a Texas gulag in some portion of West Texas, so be it.

Gangs are now coming across. This is getting like the Cuban Martel boat life when Fidel Castro sent over thousands of criminals to infest Florida.

I can see the Texas State Guard becoming more than just a old guys club.

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