Winona Liquor Competition

Winona Liquor Competition
Monday, August 30, 2010 - 6:19pm

In 2009, the city of Winona voted to go wet, and since then, several new stores have sprung up. But they are about to get some formidable competition.

Just how many liquor stores can a small town handle, with everyone making enough to survive?
In Winona, we’re about to find out.

Since the city went wet, business has been booming.

Mayor Rusty Smith told us that they are very pleased with the revenue that has been earned by not only local business owners, but the city as well. And so far, the stores that have opened would be reasonably described as relatively small operations.

But right across highway 155, a new store, the Crystal Springs Liquor store is nearly completed. When it opens, it will provide an upscale competitor for the existing locations.

The question is, can what one might call mom and pop operations survive with a slick new store across the street?

That is a question the customers will answer…

The Crystal Springs store is aiming for an opening day roughly a month and a half from now.

Meanwhile, local liquor stores are waiting on the Alcohol Control Board’s decision on whether they get to supply all county restaurants. That wholesale business would keep everybody flush.

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